Visuals Initiative of South Asia (V.I.S.A) – Arts Festival, aims to bring the visual arts of South Asia as seen through the eyes of Canadians from all ethnic backgrounds. It is designed to bring people from all different cultures together in celebration of 150 years of multiculturalism in Ontario and Canada. The event will bring, not just the adult population, but also the youth who are the future of this country. The event will showcase South Asian culture as it evolves in this country and integrates with Canadian values. It aims to focus as much on the uniqueness of South Asian arts, culture and heritage, as on the sameness that envelopes all cultures throughout the world – such as rhythm, festivities and celebration. The program will provide a free platform to local, home-grown talent as well as artists from rest of Canada. These artists will create a trail of art that will capture the essence of South Asia while presenting the nuances of Canada and multiculturalism.

V.I.S.A. – Arts Festival, will open on July 9th 2017 with a launch event at a Downtown Brampton Art Gallery, to introduce the artists and their artwork. The exhibition will be free and open for public for the next seven days. On July 13th 2017, there will be a gala with the artists, politicians, business community leaders, art connoisseurs, media, and performers who will be showcased at Vibrant Brampton festival, another project by Arts & Culture Initiative of South Asia (ACISA).

V.I.S.A. – Arts Festival aims:

  • To provide artists with the opportunity to connect and create
  • To promote the visual arts through educational workshops and performance activities by engaging communities
  • To encourage audiences of all ages to embrace the diverse visuals arts culture of the City of Brampton and beyond.